Business divisions
Assudamal & Sons (HK) Limited, based in Hong Kong, prides itself on world class manufacturing, timely sourcing of goods and on a market-relevant product development pipeline with a consistent assurance of supply and quality. We collaborate closely with all suppliers across the supply chain, allowing us to be extremely responsive to the market.
We are a B2B & B2C supply chain specialist that stocks and trades our multiple products within our respective Pan-African operations. We distribute under our own established OEM brands, namely “NEXUS” “SAISHO” and “HAANO”, delivering products that improve the quality of life for people the world over.
  • Marine Products
    Marine Products
    Frozen Fish, Stock Fish, Canned Fish
  • Paper
    Art Paper & Boards, Cast Coated Boards, Computer Papers, Duplex Boards, Folding Box Board, Manila Board (Brief Card), NCR, Photocopy Paper, Sticker Paper and Wood Free Writing Paper
  • White Goods
    White Goods
    Freezers, Refrigerators, Home appliances, Aircon, Gas Cooker, Washing Machines and TVs.
  • Power Equipment
    Power Equipment
    Power Inverters, Batteries, Solar Panel and Charge Controller, Water Heater, Solar Lights, Power Spares, Wires and Cables
  • Building Materials
    Building Materials
    Hard Board, Ply & Marine (MDF), Woods and Doors
  • FMCG
    Margarine, Milk Powder, Canned Fish and other Food Products
  • Automotive
    Branded Tyres, Bogie and Wheel RIM.
Our brands

A Complete Solution for Printing and Packaging.

We are manufacturing consumer, corporate, industrial printing and light packaging of products and delivering high quality printing jobs with the use of advanced German technology.

We as a trusted manufacturer have put in place a very strong set of administrative and operational procedures with a definitive team to ensure that every product and service meets the highest specifications, requirements and the needs of our discerning customers.

  • For whom

    Large corporates. medium and small size enterprises, schools, colleges, universities and financial institutions.

  • What we manufacture

    Exercise Books & Diaries, Product Brochures and Flyers, Magazines, Food and Pharma mono cartons for the FMCG packaging industries!

  • 2007 - We started manufacturing of premium exercise books.
    2014 - We came up with commercial printing & light packaging providing “ONE STOP” solution to meet our client’s printing needs.
    2019 - We have established corrugated card board factory to boost the packaging industry in our region.

Our brands
  • Private Equity investments
    Private Equity investments

    Through the company’s investment arm, the company has significant stakes in: Rude Health Foods Limited Rude Health is a London-based innovative food and drinks company, unafraid of standing up for real, honest food - the way it should be. The company is one of the leading organic and natural food brands in the United Kingdom and was one of pioneers of the plant-based milks movement. Rude Health is on a mission to revolutionize the nation’s eating habits, one meal at a time, using the best of the best ingredients and put ting them together in ways that make their natural flavours sing.

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  • Real Estate Investment and Development

    Real Estate Investment: Through our real estate investment arm, the Group has been investing in commercial property in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong since 1980’s. Below are the list of notable deals: - A 2000-bedroom portfolio spread over 10 four- and five-star hotels in the United Kingdom leased out to Hilton International, - A large service station strategically located on the M25/A1 junction, United Kingdom, - A 200-bedroom United Kingdom budget hotel on the outskirts of London and various distribution warehouses leased out to blue chip companies, - The portfolio today includes hotels in the United Kingdom leased out to two of the top 3 International brands as well as a large 8,000 Sq. Ft office space leased out to a leading service office provider in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

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    Real Estate Investment and Development
  • Outsourcing

    Assudumal’s affiliated company, ROCSEARCH is a global leader in customised Business Intelligence solutions with expertise in insights-driven business, market and financial research and data analytics. With over 50,000 research and advisory assignments successfully delivered to its loyal client base across the globe, ROCSEARCH services Corporates, Investment and Professional Services Firms and Government organisations spanning every industry and challenge. ROCSEARCH has consistently been ranked No.1 in strategy, research and analytics services by multiple independent customer satisfaction surveys since its inception in 1999.

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